The Columbus House of Scribes is …

… a writers’ group located in Columbus, Ohio.  While we’re not that large of a group we do cover a large spectrum of genres and subjects … though we do, as a group, tend toward the geeky too.

Since there are a few of us that will be contributing to this blog it seems only right that we should all give a brief introduction of who we are and what we prefer to write.  I’ll start … but in the comments, since I’m not sure if we’ll be able to edit or add to each other’s posts.  🙂

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One Response to The Columbus House of Scribes is …

  1. I’m Howard, aka UncleCatwoman. I write a little of everything – science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, drama, rom-com, horror – but do more screenwriting than narrative these days. I also have some pieces on

    As for the ‘UncleCatwoman’ nomiker …

    I was hanging out with the nephews a while back. Nephew Noah was getting heavily in Batman and told me that he was Batman and his younger brother Benjy was Robin. Not a bad thing to be when you’re six and your brother’s three. He went on, saying his father was the Joker, his mother was the Penguin (and not thrilled to be), Aunt Mary was the Riddler and I was Catwoman.

    “Are you sure your mom or Aunt Mary aren’t Catwoman? After all, they’re women …”

    “No! You’re Catwoman!”

    And, since Miss Mary can always be counted on to help, she chimed in. “Maybe it’s because your breasts are so pointy and perky.”

    Gee, thanks, dear.

    So I’m UncleCatwoman.

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