Spine-cracking thrills!

Let me begin by saying that I am by no means a book snob.  My shelves are heavily laden with the dog-eared, secondhand treasures found at used book stores, yard sales, attics, and so on.  Public libraries are a truly wondrous marvel, connecting anyone with the desire to read with hundreds of thousands of books, at absolutely no cost!


Today I visited a Barnes & Noble, and realized I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been surrounded with so many brand new books.  These books had never collected dust on the shelves of someone’s house, languished in a grandparents garage, or been forcibly shoved into a backpack.  These were virgins.  When I opened them, the bindings had a gentle resistance that would quickly disintegrate after their purchase.  The pages were clean, bright, unspoiled by any hand and void of any scent but the paper and ink itself.

New books are a wonder not everyone appreciates in the same way, but to me they are a near sacred experience.  If they were living things, I’d probably have a court order to stay outside of a 50-yard radius.


About bethsmash

What put the smoosh in bethsmash? Was it drugs? Nope. Was it a coincidental combination of non-toxic-but-still-life-altering chemicals being mixed in giant, uncovered vats conveniently placed under a rickety walkway? Maybe. Was it a childhood of stolen glimpses at too many horrific movies, and borrowed books full of the gory, terrifying material that would lead to adolescent years full of sleepless nights? You betcha.
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2 Responses to Spine-cracking thrills!

  1. cjeskew says:

    Well, I use a hemp-stitched E-reader that’s solar powered…you probably haven’t heard of them *shoves up hipster glasses*

  2. bethsmash says:

    Those aren’t even prescription, are they? And it’s cool, you can sniff my new books if you want to, I won’t tell anyone.

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