The following is a short piece I wrote about my cat, Mya, because I’m just a little nuts for her.  Also, I had just read “Pygmy” by Chuck Palahniuk, which has a very distinctive narrative voice.  While I wasn’t trying to copy it exactly, if you’ve read the book hopefully you’ll see that I was trying to do something similar, just for kicks.  The more I look at it though, the more I think maybe it’s just confusing.

Warm. Bright. Nice. Stretch, feels good.  Light is gone now, why? Franklin-cat takes the light, no good. Move Franklin-cat, swat – he bites! Run. Run! Stop running, Franklin-cat is big and not fast like Mya-me.

Jump on sleeping place, smells like the People. No smell of the Bad People, who came before the People. Bad People will hit Mya-me for sleeping on sleeping place, but not the People. Lay down in window-light on the sleeping place, nap.

Ground is rumbling. Could be bad, danger, scary. No! Rumbling is come-home noise, the People will come! Run down the stairs – Franklin-cat bites, swat, keep running. Sit on hard floor, wait. Food is there, but Goodfood is empty. Maybe the She gives more Goodfood.

Wall opens, the People are home! It’s the He, walking at Mya-me – too fast, move! The He is big, like the Bad People, with hard feet and hands that hurt. The He is nice now, but scary. There’s the She! The She looks at Mya-me, makes the tooth face. Tooth face is good, could be Goodfood. Make noise, the She might get Goodfood if Mya-me makes noise. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! The She picks Mya-me up, head bumps. Not scary, the She is warm, rub face, purr. The She puts Mya-me down, reaches – Oh! The She has Goodfood, out of the cold thing with no smell. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Keep making noise so the She doesn’t take away the Goodfood like the Bad People. Goodfood is down!



About bethsmash

What put the smoosh in bethsmash? Was it drugs? Nope. Was it a coincidental combination of non-toxic-but-still-life-altering chemicals being mixed in giant, uncovered vats conveniently placed under a rickety walkway? Maybe. Was it a childhood of stolen glimpses at too many horrific movies, and borrowed books full of the gory, terrifying material that would lead to adolescent years full of sleepless nights? You betcha.
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  1. cjeskew says:

    Awesome piece! can’t wait to

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