Monday – I have no clever title.

Good morning, Crono!


Happy monday everyone, I’m just as thrilled as you all to start the week, I hope the weekend treated you all well with wonderful worthwhile words and wisdom.  I don’t have any flash-fic challenges, writing on writing, or anything of the like for you today, so I figured, since it’s the start of the week and all, I make it a ‘thing’ to discuss awesome resources I’ve found. 

Critique Circle

Critique Circle is a website designed to give you the workshop experience from the privacy of your home computer.  The website provides multiple resources under a free account setting such as locating members in your area to establish a writing community, blogging by fellow members, track the status of your project, storyboard and online note keeping, but above all else of course, critiquing and submission. 

Critiquing on the website is set up on a credit system, the more you review the more you can upload for review, so the more people can earn credit to upload their own stuff by reading yours.  Pretty awesome.  I’ve had some really good feedback on my own work because while you’re ultimately trying to earn credits to upload your own stuff the writing community has always been one that is eager to help pull one another up as best we can.  Enough of my rambling though, go on over and check it out, upload some stuff, read some stuff, get a good jump on the week.

Happy Scribblin’!




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