Tuesday Ticks and Trips

While researching Web sites for my business language course, I found one for “Grammar Girl” Mignon Fogarty (but seriously what is with that name?) and wanted to share.  Grammar Girl does occasional stints on 87.9 NPR and I always enjoy them, so:


It’s not so heavy on information for fiction writing as it is on general grammatical guidelines, but I know for me, that can be just as useful.  For example, I just perused an article under “Most Popular Tips” about the difference between i.e. and e.g.  For the longest time I’ve wondered just what they mean and how to know when to use each one appropriately.  The article breaks it down to something simple to remember:

I.e. = “In other words”
E.g. = “For Example”

The site speaks to me because I appreciate grammatical correctness in my own work and others, not only in fictional reading but also in everyday messages.  If it’s something you also like but maybe have questions on, check it out!


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