New Years Writing Resolutions! 2014

Hey Everyone! I haven’t posted in quite a while, and we all should change that, anyway I want to start this new years off right by listing all my goals (writing wise) for the new year! This is more for evidence that I’ve failed on 12/31/2014 and I can sob uncontrollably, so yeah, yay optimism! But if you have any writing goals to accomplish this year post them, force yourself to make them happen, and also give us all something to laugh at if we fall flat on our faces in the coming year, it’s a win all around šŸ™‚


About CJE

I'm a writer from Columbus, OH. @CJEskew
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2 Responses to New Years Writing Resolutions! 2014

  1. bethsmash says:

    Your resolutions should include strengthening your vlogging skills, sir. You have good things to say, but you are oh so tragically awkward, as are many of us who are more comfortable speaking in pen.

    My first 2014 resolution: To create. I’m exploring different methods of self-expression in the forms of writing, painting, and jewelry-making. These are my efforts to contribute something to the world, rather than endless, mindless, consumption. Looking forward to contributing more to the blog!

  2. cjeskew says:

    Ugh I know right? Though I prefer to call my vlogging charmingly unwatchable šŸ™‚

    Awesome to hear you’re jumping in to so many different mediums Beth! Good luck!

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