Writers Digest Update – Feburary Prompt Contest

Howdy hey 50 Scribes of Grey!

Yeah…that one was rough…

Anyway hope all is well on your Tuesday morning, I was planning to not update until tomorrow with some fiction, but I thought I’d just share a writing prompt contest.

Writers Digest hosts a prompt contest every other month called the “Your Story” contest, and within the immensley talented pool of writers I have the privledge of hanging around the second Saturday of every month, as well as those of you who exist outside of our humble Columbus circle I know there is a win 🙂

Anywho here is a direct link to the prompt contest here:


For Your Story 56 the prompt rules are 750 words, deadline is 02/24/2014 and your entry must begin with the dialogue,
“If you can guess what I have in my pocket, you can have it.”
Good luck Scribes, and happy scribbling!


About CJE

I'm a writer from Columbus, OH. @CJEskew
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