Retreat Day 1



So as I mentioned a while ago I planned to escape.  So this is what escaping looks like, take note.

I decided to get a shitty hotel room in the middle of Wadsworth, OH.  I’ve been writing for a good 2 hours now and already I’m taking a break…to write…thanks ADD.

So why am I doing this? Well I’m tired of not having a book done, I’m tired of blaming distractions and depression for putting things aside.  I think it’s helping, the idea of a complete shutdown of social media (save for a daily post to WordPress, because hey, everyone is entitled to a break).

The book I’m working on is a satire about a Black superhero, so it’s fitting that my first encounter in the Wadsworth Walmart I went to in order to obtain provisions was the following…

“Excuse me!”

“Yes mam?”

“How long did it take to do that to your hair…?”

“Oh, I’ve had it like this for five years now, so since they’re locked I don’t have to do much work save for the usual…wash, dry, you know.”

“Ohhhhh! Well I just love what you people do to your hair, it’s so neat!”

“Why…thank you miss…well I gotta go!”

Well time to get back to it, catch you all tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be all the closer to saying I’m done with a book.  Happy Scribbling!




About CJE

I'm a writer from Columbus, OH. @CJEskew
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