Retreat Day 2 – Pacific Cooler Creativity



So, Ridiculous Writer Retreat Episode II : The Word Count Strikes Back

I started today much earlier than I did yesterday, so far standing at three chapters added to my finished folder I’m feeling a little good, and very, very caffeinated.

Yesterday I found myself concerned with the idea that I may not actually finish this book in the next five days, and it’s been floating above me like a specter while I tried to get work done.  It’s a scary thought, but maybe not the most important thing. Don’t get me wrong, the whole point of being here in Wadsworth is to finish, but I let it affect my mood too much, and by extension whatever writing I tried to finish.
End of day word count for 02/27/2014 : 2915

So far today I’m on track to shatter yesterday’s word count and that’s a plus.  I don’t know what’s changed but I think It has something to do with less interruptions, less doubts and just having fun with a word processor.  I know there are different schools of thought when it comes to what matters in writerly pursuits but if you’re not having fun what’s the point?

This may turn out  all for naught, and going cold turkey from social media is making me a bit antsy but hopefully by Monday morning I can at least say I’ve made a significant enough dent on what I want to be done.  

On an unrelated note I’ve had like eight Capri Sun’s today, and since my curtains are open and the maid just walked by, seeing the litter of them scattered about the floor and giving me an awkward look I’m feeling self-conscious about my newly found addiction and overly-defensive.  Pretty sure by 7PM or so I’m going to morph into one of those mercury balls from the old 90’s advertisements they had and exude a Alice Mack swag unheard of.

Anyway, I’m done being ridiculous, back to writing! 

Happy Scribbling 🙂 


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I'm a writer from Columbus, OH. @CJEskew
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