Dear Dr. Seuss,

On behalf of all the Columbus HOS, and all writers everywhere:

Thank you for your contribution to the writing community. Your vast number of works have stood the test of time, as schoolchildren decades later are still reading them and celebrating the wonderful creativity found in their pages.

Thank you for your colorful, zany characters and their crazy lives. Thank you for the Sneetches, Horton, Yurtle the Turtle, the Cat in the Hat, and the Grinch, and all the other characters that have joined in their adventures.

Thank you for teaching us to count, the colors, and our ABCs. Thank you for teaching us about body parts, rhyming, and so much more.

And thank you, for making it cool to write about: how stupid it is to fight wars based on someone’s preferences, how important it is to protect the environment, the negative effects of consumerism, the spirit of Christmas, and treating everyone with respect.

We shall continue in your grand tradition, whether we write for kids or adults, and celebrate the wonderfulness of the written word in all that we do.

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