Dear John

For the November prompt, I picked the song title Thank You.

Dear John,

I wanted to thank you for the many years we had together; they were the best days of my life. I still fondly remember our strolls through the park, where we’d play Frisbee, then have a picnic and watch the ducks on the pond, or how we’d go down to the beach for a swim and walk the pier while watching the sunset, or just cuddle and stroke my neck while you talked about your day. Sometimes, I would lay beside you and watched you sleep. I still remember the trips we took together, camping in the woods every summer or sledding the slopes in the winter. Do you still have that silly sweater you got me? We used to do everything together. We’d jog around the block or order pizza and spend the night watch movies. Sometimes when you came home, you’d surprise me with a present. Nothing extravagant, just a simple something to say you were thinking of me.

When we first meet, I was young and naive. I knew little about relationships, but ours was everything I could dream of. Everything was perfect for the first few years, but then the dream began to shatter. First you started coming home late, or going out without me. Then we stopped doing things together. You rarely called me and would often ignore me when I was around. You’d push me away when I wanted to cuddle or just lay next to you. We’d rarely jogged together, and when we did you were always distracted and in a hurry to go somewhere else. When we occasionally went to the park, you’d just send me away.

The park is where you met her, at our place by the pond. She was sitting alone on the bench and you walked up to her. You talked for the longest time, completely forgetting I was even there! It was bad enough that you’d spend hours talking to her on the phone, but then you started seeing the bitch behind my back. You’d lie about where you’d been, but I knew. I could smell her perfume on you from across the room. It was on your clothes when you came home. But that morning, I smelled her all over your bed! That was the last straw; that’s when I ran out. That’s when I left everything we had together behind. That’s when I left you.

I went to the park and just walked, alone, for the longest time. It started getting dark and I had nowhere to go. I couldn’t go backā€”not back to you and your empty lies and neglect. That’s when I meet her, Jane. She was just as lost and alone as I was. At first we just stopped and stared at each other, but then we knew. She took me back to her place and talked for hours, just like you used to do. She told me about her life and where she’d been, and how she had fallen into and out of relationships. She needed me just as much as I needed her. She’s kind and thoughtful, her laughter is like music. We go walking and shopping together; we take long walks on the beach. We do everything together. Whenever she’s around, we’re never apart. Some nights we’d just lay together and she’d brush my hair while she tells me about her day, just like you used to.

I’ve been here, with her, for a few weeks, and I’m happier than I had been in years. She gives me all the joy and affection that I used to know, when we were first together, and more. I still remember the time we had together, but those years are behind me now. I’m here, where I belong.

No longer yours,

P.S.: You can keep the sweater and the snacks, the cheesy ones gave me gas.

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