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What put the smoosh in bethsmash? Was it drugs? Nope. Was it a coincidental combination of non-toxic-but-still-life-altering chemicals being mixed in giant, uncovered vats conveniently placed under a rickety walkway? Maybe. Was it a childhood of stolen glimpses at too many horrific movies, and borrowed books full of the gory, terrifying material that would lead to adolescent years full of sleepless nights? You betcha.

Welcome to Hell

The prompt I used for this piece was the phrase “Welcome to Hell,” which has personal meaning to me. I wrote this to be purposely short, vague, and open to interpretation. Feel free to let me know if it speaks … Continue reading

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King of the World

The following is a short story written for peer feedback in my creative writing class. It’s a piece I had started last year and turned into a rough draft, and here it is with a little more polish. It could … Continue reading

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It’s worth it, purely for the “Sleigh Belles.”

This was written in response to a prompt for my writing group, but it fits into a holiday story I’ve been rolling around in my head for several years.  I’m just procrastinating waiting for the right time to really flesh … Continue reading

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Stay classy, San Diego

A haiku: Steam is relaxing Showers wash body and soul, Oops I just farted.

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Tuesday Ticks and Trips

While researching Web sites for my business language course, I found one for “Grammar Girl” Mignon Fogarty (but seriously what is with that name?) and wanted to share.  Grammar Girl does occasional stints on 87.9 NPR and I always enjoy … Continue reading

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Flash-Fic Friday

Yes, I’m well aware that it is no longer Friday.  You are now well aware that I don’t care. Prompt: Something wrapped. Here we go! ************************************** This is not my bed. It wasn’t the most reassuring thought to wake up … Continue reading

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The following is a short piece I wrote about my cat, Mya, because I’m just a little nuts for her.  Also, I had just read “Pygmy” by Chuck Palahniuk, which has a very distinctive narrative voice.  While I wasn’t trying … Continue reading

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