And After That… Part 1

Welcome to the first part of our ongoing story “And after that…” a continuous, weekly story based entirely on viewer comments on which of the options our story will go next.

I guess think Choose Your Own Adventure, but online and with more booze in the beginning. Anyway, hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

And After That – Part 1

Lester bargained between one finger and the next the silver ring that rolled back in forth in his hand.  So many stories start with a ring, he thought.  There are the rings of power, probably the most confusing and inconsistent of any that ever were.  There were the ones that you fought for, scrupulously and by any means, to say all those years of jocking and juicing meant something, that you, dear insert-sport-here player were more brilliant than the rest.  Lester though found himself with the heaviest, most cliche’ of the bunch, the clunky catastrophe of a glint that he’d planned now for months to give to Lisa.

On a Tuesday night 73’s wasn’t worth the price they’d charged for a Coors.  The bar was anything but bustling and found themselves so lazy that even the electronic juke box was turned to auto in order to avoid taking your order.  It was everything he needed.  In less than thirty minutes Lester would find himself the most interesting he’d ever been, so the reprieve was more than warranted.

“Hey Steve, I’ll take a shot of tequila.”  Lester calls out, the echoing boom of his voice through the empty establishment giving the bartender a shudder.  Lester was never a tequila man, he was a no nonsense Miller Light bro until his late twenties before he slipped on an eye shadow envious pair of Ray-Band’s and discovered where to find a thrift store, and even after that PBR was the furthest he’d venture.  This isn’t to say anything wrong about Lester, he was a decent man with decent teeth and a decent set of character traits that we’ll be sure to cover in the info dump eventually, but he wasn’t a tequila man.

“You sure?”  There would be a great deal of things Lester wasn’t sure of, but digestible courage at three dollars a shot wasn’t one of them.  He shot, he swallowed, and he left.   This was the end of his life and the beginning of theirs, he told himself, no matter what the bulging pain in the paper clip legs or the fluttering shift within his unsorted mind gave him he knew that Lisa was waiting.  What was also waiting on North High ST. at the dead of night for him though was what could only be called the Buick of destiny, the car blazing by and shooting water against his face.  A splash of water can only do so much, but to a man who flails wildly at the peripheral threat of movie cut outs it is more than enough.

The ring slips from his hands and flings outward, finding a comfort in darkness and away from him, and after that…?


So what happens next? Make a comment with the option from below and thanks for reading!

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Writer Crush Wednesday


Rest In Peace

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Back At It…

Howdy Scribes!

We’ve been a bit relaxed on updating the website and I apologize for that.  Life, the universe and everything else could be used as excuses, but lets skim past all that and get to the fun stuff 🙂

The Columbus House of Scribes is currently putting together our first publication, expect more details regarding that throughout the summer.

We’re starting our ongoing story, And After That… updated weekly every Thursday, will track an interactive story each week with four directions the tale can go. 

Check back tomorrow for the #WCW and happy scribbling!

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Dear Dr. Seuss,

On behalf of all the Columbus HOS, and all writers everywhere:

Thank you for your contribution to the writing community. Your vast number of works have stood the test of time, as schoolchildren decades later are still reading them and celebrating the wonderful creativity found in their pages.

Thank you for your colorful, zany characters and their crazy lives. Thank you for the Sneetches, Horton, Yurtle the Turtle, the Cat in the Hat, and the Grinch, and all the other characters that have joined in their adventures.

Thank you for teaching us to count, the colors, and our ABCs. Thank you for teaching us about body parts, rhyming, and so much more.

And thank you, for making it cool to write about: how stupid it is to fight wars based on someone’s preferences, how important it is to protect the environment, the negative effects of consumerism, the spirit of Christmas, and treating everyone with respect.

We shall continue in your grand tradition, whether we write for kids or adults, and celebrate the wonderfulness of the written word in all that we do.

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Retreat Day 2 – Pacific Cooler Creativity



So, Ridiculous Writer Retreat Episode II : The Word Count Strikes Back

I started today much earlier than I did yesterday, so far standing at three chapters added to my finished folder I’m feeling a little good, and very, very caffeinated.

Yesterday I found myself concerned with the idea that I may not actually finish this book in the next five days, and it’s been floating above me like a specter while I tried to get work done.  It’s a scary thought, but maybe not the most important thing. Don’t get me wrong, the whole point of being here in Wadsworth is to finish, but I let it affect my mood too much, and by extension whatever writing I tried to finish.
End of day word count for 02/27/2014 : 2915

So far today I’m on track to shatter yesterday’s word count and that’s a plus.  I don’t know what’s changed but I think It has something to do with less interruptions, less doubts and just having fun with a word processor.  I know there are different schools of thought when it comes to what matters in writerly pursuits but if you’re not having fun what’s the point?

This may turn out  all for naught, and going cold turkey from social media is making me a bit antsy but hopefully by Monday morning I can at least say I’ve made a significant enough dent on what I want to be done.  

On an unrelated note I’ve had like eight Capri Sun’s today, and since my curtains are open and the maid just walked by, seeing the litter of them scattered about the floor and giving me an awkward look I’m feeling self-conscious about my newly found addiction and overly-defensive.  Pretty sure by 7PM or so I’m going to morph into one of those mercury balls from the old 90’s advertisements they had and exude a Alice Mack swag unheard of.

Anyway, I’m done being ridiculous, back to writing! 

Happy Scribbling 🙂 

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Retreat Day 1



So as I mentioned a while ago I planned to escape.  So this is what escaping looks like, take note.

I decided to get a shitty hotel room in the middle of Wadsworth, OH.  I’ve been writing for a good 2 hours now and already I’m taking a break…to write…thanks ADD.

So why am I doing this? Well I’m tired of not having a book done, I’m tired of blaming distractions and depression for putting things aside.  I think it’s helping, the idea of a complete shutdown of social media (save for a daily post to WordPress, because hey, everyone is entitled to a break).

The book I’m working on is a satire about a Black superhero, so it’s fitting that my first encounter in the Wadsworth Walmart I went to in order to obtain provisions was the following…

“Excuse me!”

“Yes mam?”

“How long did it take to do that to your hair…?”

“Oh, I’ve had it like this for five years now, so since they’re locked I don’t have to do much work save for the usual…wash, dry, you know.”

“Ohhhhh! Well I just love what you people do to your hair, it’s so neat!”

“Why…thank you miss…well I gotta go!”

Well time to get back to it, catch you all tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be all the closer to saying I’m done with a book.  Happy Scribbling!



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So yes, I know it’s not Christmas, but my phenomenal girlfriend bought this for me and the hell she went through to get it is worthy of a short story at least, anyway not cracking it open until I’m published, but thought I’d share.  Happy Scribbling!

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