The Scribes


Charles J Eskew is a writer from Columbus, OH .  He currently hosts the Columbus House Of Scribes, and is working on completing his first novel.  He enjoys reading, long walks on the beach, and acceptable amounts of alliteration.  Charles J Eskew’s works can be found on Smashwords ( and of course, through this web blog.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter as well, @CJEskew


UncleCatwoman is a life-long storyteller and aspiring screenwriter.  He uses programming and massage to help pay the bills in the meantime.  He splits his writing time (as his ADD allows) between a supernatural thriller, a rom-com, a superhero tv pilot and whatever shiny muse-nuggets roll through his brain.  He likes elephants because there are so few things he can stand beside and look dainty and petite.


Bethasaurus has a hard time talking about herself in third person, so I’ll break the rules and switch in mid-sentence.  I grew up around Columbus…mostly,but after 35-40 addresses around Ohio you start to generalize.  The places, experiences, and most importantly the people I’ve known from being so mobile have contributed greatly to my writing, and I frequently indulge in people-watching to gather more material (and because I’m creepy).


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